Friday, October 16, 2009

REPLAY:- 4 Oct Sunday Zirca Mister Singapore Contest

Went with diva Queen to watch the contest and some gathering with the divas....hahah

attach some of the contestants pic. Not all is here coz some of them face 'CMI'

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hong Kong Day 4 Final (27 Sept 09)

Home sweet home. We are not sure if we are late and I dont want to take the risk, I directed to take cab to airport

OMG, the boarding fare in the cab is HK$18 for the first 2km. HK$3/- thereafter for every 200m....i repeat 200m!!!!

WOW....the total fare from Jordan Road to airport is HK$225.50 which is abt $45.10! gunna cheated.:(

We proceed to checkin. Due to we did not register for checkin luggage at the first place in Singapore, we need to pay HK$320 which is abt S$64 !! haiz...waste money again.

Willie hold on to the boarding pass and the counter actually him that the boarding gate will be closed at 8pm (8.15pm flight).

He heard and infd us as the boarding gate open at 8pm!!! since we have a lot of time we went for a slow dinner at the airport. With about less than HKS200/- left in total, we managed to secure a proper meal before we board the plane.

We were at Hongkong airport T2, we started walking to T1 at 7.45pm, thinking that the gate would open at 8pm only. I start to think that we are actually late!!! I remember booking the air fare for 8.15pm flight and the gate will closed 20 mins before the departure!!!we rushed to the immigration at T1, it was a long queue!! The time is 7.57pm! shit. "We got to be late! We got to miss the flight!!" went into my mind. I wont mind miss the flight but not this time. Coz I got to sign an agreement at HDB on the following morning.

Jason and Willie went forward and begged to cut the queue. Thank God we managed to clear the immigration in no time. We followed the sign and ran up and down. We finally reached the boarding area. We are surprised that there was a long quene at the check-in to the plane! We were relieved. haha, we have a memorable departure from Hongkong!!! purr....

Reflection:- Generally, the whole trip was fun, money spending:(, though tired but worth the effort. We got the stuff that we wanted.

And of course good food, good shopping, good clubbing, good memorable experience at the airport upon departture and also good friend around. All Thanks to Jason and Willie.

PS:- Willie:- you are really a blur F*** if I really missed the plane. You will pay for my SIA urgent flight if I missed the flight!!! haha.

So now, we are planning to Bangkok in third week of Dec.


Willie (never go before BKK)

Guofeng (never go before BKK)

Myself ( BKK like my second home:))

Hong Kong Day 4 Part 2 (27 Sept 09)

We proceeded to a shopping centre around the area. The toilet is unbelievably clean!

Err:- Sorry....Due to cheaper in HK, I bought S$1000 worth of SKII!!! hehehe

Hong Kong Day 4 Part 1 (27 Sept 09)

It was our last day. I was quite drunk after last night session. When I woke jup, I saw a note on the table. After a while, Jason and Willie bought breakfast for me. Thinking back, they are so sweet and I was touched. They are true friends indeed.

We went out for last shopping moments and lunch. We went to some super high-end stores like Gucci, LV, Prada....e.t.c Those stores are much better than those in Singapore. The boutiques are of 2 levels and the things and clothing are of great varieties. Too bad, no photography is allowed. If not, I wo0uld have taken photo on the Gucci Mahjong!!!

Lunch time:- One chinese restuarant nearby and we had something special:pigeon haha.